His Eyes Were Soft

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His Eyes Were Soft

We sat close to each other facing the lake,

Only the table stood between us.


His eyes seemed familiar to me,

As though we met in another time…


I looked for a glimpse of their strength from the past

But today they were soft.


I looked straight into his eye

And he lowered his lashes.


He twisted his fingers, until, he finally blurted:

“My father was (in the past) an S.S. officer.


His eyes were asking for forgiveness

And tears were running from them today.


My eyes asked questions

That could not be answered.


Hurting we sat together – drinking silently

And only the coffee stood between us.


Yair palgi

 Urfeld, October, 1995


ד"ר יאיר פלגי, פסיכולוג קליני בכיר. קליניקה פרטית בעפולה, רחוב חבצלת 7ב , עפולה, מיקוד 1839669 טל' 050-7577568

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