Aryeh Yaffeh

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Aryeh Yaffeh


Aryeh my friend,

You have been very pleasant to me*

It was easy to like you

As warmth and love always emanated from you.

From your shiny eyes peeped a smiling glimpse

Smiling at yourself, at life and at the world.


Like a lion at the gate:

Young in spirit, a talented and a clever scholar.

A mission, target or goal had to be placed in front of you

And you would gracefully shake off your age

And like a youngster in the youth movement, with jest and courage

Set off to serve your people and your country.


A Kibbutz person

That fights for its ever-developing principles.

Always ready, always first to volunteer and help,

No office is too hard for you or not important enough,

There is no idea or thought that you will not be ready to tackle and consider.

Looking at you Aryeh, and at your achievements, it is easy to conceive

How the kibbutz movement has grown out of void.


A (Jewish) scholar man,

A real autodidact

A person full of knowledge, inquisitive and clever mind

A student and a teacher at the same time.

It was a pleasure to talk with you

And to be swept away by the heat and jest of the conversation.


A modest and shy person.

You embodied the rare combination

Of sincere simplicity with no barriers and pretensions

Together with awareness of your central position.

All this was accompanied by kindness and grace,

With a shy smile like that of an innocent boy.


I have  lost you dear friend

I am distressed at your departure*.

May you rest in peace in the earth of your kibbutz.


Aryeh, Ish Yaffeh (Aryeh, a fine man).




Yair Palgi

* Samuel II, 1,26.

ד"ר יאיר פלגי, פסיכולוג קליני בכיר. קליניקה פרטית בעפולה, רחוב חבצלת 7ב , עפולה, מיקוד 1839669 טל' 050-7577568

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