A Psalm of the Boy

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A Psalm of the Boy


Among the vineyards

On God's steep path

Along the river Rhine

A story has began.


Among the vineyards

On God's steep path

A bell rings melodiously

The songs of God.


Among the vineyards

Across God's stations

A boy is skips

And a girl's voice rings..


Like David dancing before the Holy Ark*

The boy paves his way

From station to station

On God's steep path.


Among the vineyards, at sunset

On the ascent of God's stations

The boy turned into a man

And he himself composes the songs of God.



Yair Palgi, Sasbach, 1.8.06


* Samuel 2, chapter 6, phrase 16.



To Peter,

The boy on God's steep path, with friendship from Yair


This poem was written after a visit to the vineyards in Peter's home village. We walked together among the vines during sunset, along the green path leading from the village to the church that stands at the top of the hill. Along the way there are 14 stations, and on each one of them there is a different painting of Jesus in the "via de la Rosa".


This pastoral walk in the vineyards, and across the stations, while reminiscing on Peter's childhood and youth, awakened my imagination and were the background for this poem.

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